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ART! It’s not much, but I managed to at least draw something while I was busy running around on my vacation. These scans are pretty terrible but you can see the sketch anyway. I’ll refine Wyrd’s sketches in PS and color ‘em up!

I drew what it might be like if Tivi and Hyson decided to open up their own cooking show… with.. mixed reviews.

I also managed to draw a Radon and some of his FeetyBirds. I wondered what a baby might look like so I played around with the idea of one holding a piece of meat or something. I hope that’s okay! I had to guess xD

I got sick the last day of camping in Canada so I don’t feel too well. I’ll write up all my adventures for y’all to read after I finish eating this pasta.

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    Excuse me for a moment: gdjfdfdsfdggg…! These are so. cute. Aaaaaa leetle birdie feet, and Dances is grooming Radon!!!!...
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    I’m going to cry at how cute this is Baking with Hyson and Tivi should be its own television show
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